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Cadence Weapon AFTERPARTY BABIES in stores MARCH 4
The new album from Cadence Weapon is coming. "Afterparty Babies" will be released March 3 in Europe by Big Dada and March 4 in Canada by Upper Class and USA by Anti-/Epitaph. The first single "House Music" goes up for sale on fine digital stores such as iTunes February 12. Cadence Weapon hits the road in support of the release of "Afterparty Babies" with fellow Canadian Born Ruffians!

02.15.08 - Whistler, BC - Countdown to 2010 Olympics w/Maestro Fresh Wes 02.17-02.25.08 - UK/Europe Tour TBA 02.28.08 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse w/Born Ruffians 02.29.08 - Boston, MA - Middle East w/Born Ruffians 03.01.08 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall w/Born Ruffians 03.02.08 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge w/Born Ruffians 03.04.08 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's w/Born Ruffians 03.05.08 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar w/Born Ruffians 03.06.08 - Washington, DC - DC9 w/Born Ruffians 03.07.08 - Carrboro, NC - Local 506 w/Born Ruffians 03.08.08 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn w/Born Ruffians 03.10.08 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks w/Born Ruffians 03.11.08 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon w/Born Ruffians 03.12.08 - Austin, TX - SXSW 03.13.08 - Austin, TX - SXSW 03.14.08 - Austin, TX - SXSW 03.15.08 - Denton, TX - Hailey's w/Born Ruffians 03.16.08 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room w/Born Ruffians 03.17.08 - Tucson, AZ - Plush w/Born Ruffians 03.18.08 - San Diego, CA - Casbah w/Born Ruffians 03.19.08 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo w/Born Ruffians 03.20.08 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill w/Born Ruffians 03.21.08 - Portland, OR - Holoscene w/Born Ruffians 03.22.08 - Seattle, WA - High Dive w/Born Ruffians 04.01.08 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry w/Born Ruffians 04.02.08 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle w/Born Ruffians 04.03.08 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop w/Born Ruffians 04.04.08 - Pontiac, MI - Pike Room w/Born Ruffians We will also have Canadian tour and Edmonton and Toronto CD release party news soon!

The Cansecos JUICES! in stores and online now!
  November 20 was the Canadian release date of "JUICES!" the long awaited new album by The Cansecos.    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Juices!"]Juices![/caption]     Available now at fine Canadian retailers, iTunes and Look for this album to be released in the USA, UK and beyond in 2008. Here are some early reactions: "a stylish successor that refines the thrift shop pop of their debut. It’s an understatement to say they’ve developed their sound — the synths now glide like silk and their attention to detail for the finer points in production, be it intricate percussion (see “Lunar Landing”) or layering their library of synths, shows they’ve become compulsive producers. As evidenced on their first album, they also know how to write a pop hook, which is publicised instantly with the swelling Balearic harmonies in “Seen the Sun Rise” and the electro slide of obvious single “Raised By Wolves.” Where Juices! prospers most though is in its shameless ambition to both hang loose and chillax, which it essentially implements in “Rise Up,” the most blasé call for action you’ll ever hear. Juices! tastes great and is less filling." - Exclaim! "While The Cansecos might delve into an oh-so-familiar "I made this on my laptop while the world slept" aesthetic, the now-a-quartet succeed where so many others fail. Tracks sound familiar but not comfortable, assured but blindly ambitious. They're constantly keeping you on your toes with myriad-layered beats and vocals that are ethereally robotic. Their production is clean and the arrangements unfold in a meticulously measured chaos. "Rise Up" opens demurely and quickly elevates to the level of a slow motion dance party with a hip-shake worthy beat. It all works to the point where The Cansecos have set themselves apart from their peers, and have done it in irreverent style" - Chart "Juices! is an admittedly dancey album. The group mixes it up with funky synth beats and vocoder-like vocals. The album's title track is a minute-long musical spritzfest that gives the album an odd opening and makes the listener very curious about what to expect. "Raised By Wolves" starts off with a funky guitar riff and a poppy, upbeat-emphasizing groove. By contrast, "Fight Yellow" is a fast-paced keyboard-driven track that floats in and out of dissonant chords. This song bleeds into the track "Fog, Smoke, Steam" that rides on an '80s-inspired synth horn background and laid-back bass line with haunting vocals that talk about dreams and secrets." - The Gauntlet "Juices! is packed to the brim with shimmering dance-pop (think of The Postal Service on ecstasy)" - Ottawa Xpress And also, come see The Cansecos play Lee's Palace on Friday, December 21!

Tours, Cadence goes UK, XM, Juices!
We've got plenty of news for you, but first we just want to let you know we've posted footage of The CansecosThe Russian Futurists and Cadence Weapon rocking the UC Throwdown in Toronto last month. Major props to Mix Motion Karlen Chang for the visual stimulation on the screens.


***THE CANSECOS LIVE PERFORMANCE at the DRAKE rocking the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL PARTY! September 9, Drake Underground 9pm, w/The Diableros, Kill The Lights, Grassy Knoll & The Magic Bullet & Five Blank Pages.

Upper Class and Cadence Weapon have linked with the almighty Big Dada Recordings across the ocean...Cadence’s debut album BREAKING KAYFABE is hitting stores across the UK and Europe September 24 via Big Dada! For fans in the UK/Europe - stay tuned for some exciting announcements on tour dates in November!

TOURING THE USA TOGETHER! THE “HE POOS WEAPONS TOUR”? This unexpected pairing started when, in 2006, fellow Canadians – Owen Pallett, aka Final Fantasy and Rollie Pemberton, aka Cadence Weapon, were nominated for the inaugural Polaris Music Prize. They then shared the cover of Toronto’s weekly, Eye Magazine, in a fist fight, so, naturally when the two young musicians were approached by Canadian national radio show CBC “Fuse”back in April of this year to share the stage for a six-song collaboration, Owen & Rollie jumped at the chance to work together. Like a successful and deranged vaudeville show, their inverse personalities and polar ways of rocking crowds have brought them together, and so it is… Cadence Weapon and Final Fantasy have decided to co-headline a tour of the United States this fall. Cadence Weapon’s punishing electronic party rap live show will be a stark contrast to the emotional solo violin looping extravaganza that Final Fantasy puts on, making for one of the most interesting co-bills in recent indie history. Both artists will play favourites from their past acclaimed releases “Breaking Kayfabe” and “He Poos Clouds”. Cadence Weapon will be showcasing new material from his highly anticipated sophomore release, “Afterparty Babies” due early next year on Upper Class/EMI/Epitaph/Big Dada.

10.22.07 - Seattle, WA - Nector Lounge 10.23.07 - Portland, OR - Someday Lounge 10.25.07 - San Francisco, CA - Independent 10.26.07 - Pamona, CA - Glass House 10.28.07 - Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour 10.29.07 – San Diego, CA – Beauty Bar 10.30.07 - Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts 11.01.07 - Abilene, TX - Monks 11.02.07 - Denton, TX - Hailey's 11.03.07 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Festival 11.05.07 - Birmingham, AL - Bottle Tree 11.06.07 - Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn 11.07.07 - Charleston, SC - Map Room 11.09.07 - Philadelphia, PA - Church 11.10.07 – Hoboken, NJ - Maxwells 11.11.07 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom 11.12.07 - Boston, MA - Middle East As a special treat, thanks to CBC Radio, we are pleased to offer an exclusive download of Cadence Weapon & Final Fantasy performing Cadence Weapon’s “Sharks” from their “Fuse” performance. Download Cadence Weapon & Final Fantasy “Sharks” ...and stay tuned for special announcements with CADENCE WEAPON for CMJ and POP MONTREAL!!

It has been a long time since the Ruskie pop-team headed to western Canada, so prepare for serious party pop shit, west coast. And you too Ontario and Quebec, right after they’re done with the west! The Futurists hit the road in support of the recently released “Me, Myself and Rye” collection, but will tease with a few jams from the forthcoming 2008 release by Matthew Hart, aka the singular yet somehow plural Russian Futurist. THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS ON TOUR IN CANADA 22-Oct-07 – Victoria, BC – Logans 23-Oct-07 – Vancouver, BC – Pit Pub (UBC) 25-Oct-07 – Calgary, AB – Broken City 26-Oct-07 – Calgary, AB – That Empty Space (daytime show at University of Calgary) 27-Oct-07 – Edmonton, AB – Velvet Underground  31-Oct-07 - Guelph, ON - Brass Taps Halloween Party (University of Guelph) 22-Nov-07 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Underground 23-Nov-07 - Montreal, QC - Club Lambi 24-Nov-07 - Ottawa, ON - Zaphod's

The Russian Futurists recorded a live in-studio session and interview for XM Satellite Radio's "Live At The Verge" show. YOU CAN TUNE IN SEPTEMBER 12th at 6am and 6pm and SEPTEMBER 16th at 9am and 9pm, XM Satellite, Channel 52.

And finally, if you can't catch them September 9th at The Drake, go to and download the album The Cansecos have made for you - JUICED! You have to have heard this before you hear JUICES! - the new album, coming right before Christmas - stay tuned for lots more info as this story develops.

"Me, Myself and Rye" in stores and online July 24! Party!
July 24 marks the Canadian release of "Me, Myself and Rye" by The Russian Futurists.  To celebrate this event, The Russian FuturistsThe Drake and Ukula are teaming up to bring you a release party day Saturday July 28th! SATURDAY JULY 28th THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS LIVE! "Me, Myself and Rye" RELEASE PARTY THE DRAKE SKY YARD 1150 QUEEN STREET WEST 3:00PM DOORS...goes 'til 7:00PM with special roof top performance by THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS and Special Guest DJs! SATURDAY JULY 28th THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS RELEASE AFTER PARTY! UKULA STORE 492 COLLEGE STREET DOORS 10PM GUEST DJ: MATTHEW HART of THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS Thanks to everyone who came out to our JULY 7 Throwdown! Props to The Cansecos, The Russian Futurists & Cadence Weapon for holding it down, Rollie P and DJ Weez-L for DJing, and everyone in the crowd for getting mega crunk. It was retarded.  Thank you.  Photos are in the gallery.
If you missed Cadence Weapon in Toronto on July 7th, you have another chance!

Cadence Weapon has joined the lineup for WAKESTOCK 2007!

JULY 29th Toronto Islands w/Story Of The Year, Lupe Fiasco, Shad K and more!

And if you weren't at The Pitchfork Music went something like this...

Cadence Weapon & Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys)!

Cadence Weapon and Girl Talk!

Cadence Weapon and Prince Paul!!!!!!!!

Cadence & The Klaxons!

And YES, that last shot IS of Cadence Weapon rapping withThe Klaxons!

Thumbs up to all who have been making it out to rock with Cadence on his July tour, that means YOU Guelph, Toronto, Brantford, London, St. Catherines, Ottawa, Chicago, Washington DC and over the next three nights Philly, Baltimore and New York!

Finally that brings us to THE CANSECOS!

As you may have heard from Pitchfork Exclaim! Gorilla Vs Bear or SceneStar, or if you were lucky enough to be at the UC Throwdown in Toronto or Pitchfork Music Festival last weekend to get your hands on it, The Cansecos have released "Juiced!" on their website.


The Russian Futurists bring Me, Myself and Rye comes to Canada
Hello from glorious 35c Toronto! Two sizable declarations from Upper Class Recordings... We are throwing a free party in Toronto JULY 7, 2007: Live rock by Cadence Weapon, The Russian Futurists and The Cansecos, FREE, summer, outdoors, and this is the only place you are going to get your hands on an exclusive new CD release by The Cansecos called "JUICED!"...don't be shy, okay? Due to public demand and constant harrassment (thanks!) we are releasing the much-celebrated megahit album by The Russian Futurists "Me, Myself & Rye" in Canada July 24! This album features the hottest jams from the first 3 albums by The Russian Futurists, all digitally re-mastered and in the case of our release - special brand new mixes of "Paul Simon" and "Let's Get Ready To Crumble"! This release is coming in a beautiful package and is the perfect music purchase for both the long-time fan of The Russian Futurists, or a perfect starting point for the first time listener. Incidentally, this album is also excellent for those who prefer digital music - visit iTunes on or after July 24 to get your copy! PRE ORDER NOW IN THE UC STORE! COME TO OUR PARTY JULY 7 AND ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A COPY OF "ME, MYSELF & RYE"!!
THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS 06.28.07 - Ottawa, ON - Capital Idea! Festival 07.07.07 - Toronto, ON - UC Throwdown @ Harbourfront - Beats, Breaks & Culture Festival CADENCE WEAPON 06.08.07 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room 06.23.07 - Saskatoon, SK - Sasktel Jazz Festival - Amigo's w/DJ Weez-El DJ Set 06.25.07 - Winnipeg, MB - Jazz Winnipeg Festival - w/Grand Analog, DJ Weez-El DJ Set 07.06.07 - Guelph, ON - Club Vinyl 07.07.07 - Toronto, ON - UC Throwdown @ Harbourfront - Beats, Breaks & Culture Festival 07.08.07 - Brantford, ON - The Ford Plant 07.09.07 - St. Catherines, ON - L3 Nightclub 07.10.07 - London, ON - The Alex P Keaton 07.12.07 - Ottawa, ON - Club Heaven 07.15.07 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival 07.18.07 - Washington, DC - Red & Black Room 07.19.07 - Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber 07.20.07 - Baltimore, MD - Sonar - TaxLo Indie Dance Party 07.21.07 - New York, NY - Galapagos w/Muggabears THE CANSECOS 07.07.07 - Toronto, ON - UC Throwdown @ Harbourfront - Beats, Breaks & Culture Festival

April re-visited
Cadence Weapon and Final Fantasy performed together in Ottawa, live, nationally, on CBC RADIO's "FUSE" Show, combining talents and playing 6 songs, some Cadence's, some Fantasy's, and some belonging to other people.  It went down like this:   Rumour is, these 2 talents will be touring North America together this fall!! Check the UC player for a little sample of how it sounded.

Meanwhile, The Russian Futurists played Montreal and Toronto with chums Junior Boys: then headed to a much more tropical location, BRAZIL, to head up Natal's MADA FESTIVAL. Major major props to all the homies in Brazil - Mario, Fabiana, Jomardo, Michel, Rocha and the whole crew at the hotel...and jeers to TAM Airlines for stealing Matt's IPOD.  You're gonna get it TAM.

Finally - check out all the Cadence Weapon love at XLR8R - including TV footage of "SXSW Cribs" with Cadence! Also - much respect to all who helped "Sharks" become #2 most-downloaded MP3 at last week! And - Mega Respect to College radio in the USA - Cadence Weapon "Breaking Kayfabe" top 10 on theCMJ Hip Hop Chart!   PEACE

The Russian Futurists & Junior Boys
Yes, The Junior Boys and The Russian Futurists team up once again to bring you the RUSSIAN BOYS JUNIOR FUTURIST EXPERIENCE APRIL 6 in Toronto @ Mod Club APRIL 7 in Montreal @ La Sala Rossa


Lots of news coming real soon about Cadence Weapon, The Cansecos and The Russian Futurists, including summer shows, new releases, big outdoor UC parties, Brazil...and so much more

Breaking Kayfabe USA release, The Russian Futurists and Junior Boys, Cadence Weapon and Final Fantasy
CADENCE WEAPON "BREAKING KAYFABE" is now available on CD & LP and in Canada AND The United States of America. The vinyl is limited run, so buy now! If you purchase the CD or LP from INSOUND.COM you get some bonus remix MP3s of "Sharks" by Ghislain Poirier and The Russian Futurists

CADENCE WEAPON IS PLAYING SXSW THIS WEEK Thursday March 15th @ Copa's on Congress, 12:15am PARTY

The Junior Boys and The Russian Futurists team up once again to bring you the RUSSIAN BOYS JUNIOR FUTURIST EXPERIENCE APRIL 6 in Toronto @ Mod Club APRIL 7 in Montreal @ La Sala Rossa

CADENCE WEAPON AND FINAL FANTASY TO FUSE FOR CBC April 11, in Ottawa, Canada, friends and fellow innovators Rollie Pemberton and Owen Pallett will combine brains and, before a live studio audience, mash styles in a Weapony, Final and Fantastic way, all at the behest of CBC Radio. Details on attendance and such will be released soon

A huge UC congratulations to Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon who, this weekend, took home a CMW Indie Award for "Favourite Urban Artist". We wouldn't call Edmonton "Urban" at all, but this is the name of the award, so way to go Mr. Weapon.  THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME OUT AND ROCKED SHOWS WITH CADENCE IN GUELPH, MONTREAL AND TORONTO THIS WEEK!

Cadence Weapon USA, Sharks Video, CW March shows
FINALLY!  The USA release of Cadence Weapon's debut album BREAKING KAYFABE is upon us!  One month after the Plug Awards (where Kayfabe was nominated for Rap Record of the Year but lost out to the awesomeness that is Spank Rock), on the eve of South By Southwest - MARCH 13 - BREAKING KAYFABE will be available in stores across the United States, with the help of our new friends at almighty Epitaph Records.

A week before that, Cadence Weapon make their 2007 live debut at Canadian Music Week, performing at the Indie Awards March 7 (Cadence nominated for Urban artist of the year) and the Chart MagazineParty March 9, complimenting the 2 dates with Montreal and Guelph shows.

03.07.07 Guelph, ON - Guelph University Centre (daytime show)
03.07.07 Toronto, ON - CMW Indie Awards @ The Docks
03.08.07 Montreal, QC - Zoobizarre w/Telefauna
03.09.07 Toronto, ON - CMW Chart Party @ Horseshoe Tavern
03.09.07 Toronto, ON - CMW After Party @ Drake Underground (Cadence & Weez-El DJ)
03.15.07 SXSW - COPA'S

Also, here is the BRAND NEW VIDEO from Cadence Weapon, for "SHARKS" Please, do Cadence a service and request the shit out of this at MUCHMUSIC et aussi á MUSIQUEPLUS!  And finally, with the US release of Breaking Kayfabe comes the long awaited vinyl LP release of the album! Go to the UC Store to PRE-ORDER from our limited run of LP copies of "BREAKING KAYFABE"!!! AVAILABLE MARCH 13, 2007.

2007 - year of peer pressure portals
2-double-oh-7, what hast thou bringst ye?

We have a lot to talk about but we're not going to get into here or's not the time for place for such rambling, but we will admit shame about something ::: we had a plan to hold out making an Upper Class MySpace page until 2010.  We caved.  What can we say man, people ask, people laugh, and they say "have you no friends?" - we even received a disturbingly provoking email from THE Tom himself, he was making jokes at us for not being on MySpace.  ARE YOU HAPPY WORLD?????  Here it is...okay?

There seriously is a lot of news to come soon about The Russian Futurists, Cadence Weapon, The Cansecos, and maybe we'll even throw some new names at you before spring rolls around.  If you become our MySpace friends you'll know even more about Upper Class' 2007 plans, got it? Thanks for tuning in, keep 'er real.