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The Cansecos JUICES! in stores and online now!
  November 20 was the Canadian release date of "JUICES!" the long awaited new album by The Cansecos.    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Juices!"]Juices![/caption]     Available now at fine Canadian retailers, iTunes and Look for this album to be released in the USA, UK and beyond in 2008. Here are some early reactions: "a stylish successor that refines the thrift shop pop of their debut. It’s an understatement to say they’ve developed their sound — the synths now glide like silk and their attention to detail for the finer points in production, be it intricate percussion (see “Lunar Landing”) or layering their library of synths, shows they’ve become compulsive producers. As evidenced on their first album, they also know how to write a pop hook, which is publicised instantly with the swelling Balearic harmonies in “Seen the Sun Rise” and the electro slide of obvious single “Raised By Wolves.” Where Juices! prospers most though is in its shameless ambition to both hang loose and chillax, which it essentially implements in “Rise Up,” the most blasé call for action you’ll ever hear. Juices! tastes great and is less filling." - Exclaim! "While The Cansecos might delve into an oh-so-familiar "I made this on my laptop while the world slept" aesthetic, the now-a-quartet succeed where so many others fail. Tracks sound familiar but not comfortable, assured but blindly ambitious. They're constantly keeping you on your toes with myriad-layered beats and vocals that are ethereally robotic. Their production is clean and the arrangements unfold in a meticulously measured chaos. "Rise Up" opens demurely and quickly elevates to the level of a slow motion dance party with a hip-shake worthy beat. It all works to the point where The Cansecos have set themselves apart from their peers, and have done it in irreverent style" - Chart "Juices! is an admittedly dancey album. The group mixes it up with funky synth beats and vocoder-like vocals. The album's title track is a minute-long musical spritzfest that gives the album an odd opening and makes the listener very curious about what to expect. "Raised By Wolves" starts off with a funky guitar riff and a poppy, upbeat-emphasizing groove. By contrast, "Fight Yellow" is a fast-paced keyboard-driven track that floats in and out of dissonant chords. This song bleeds into the track "Fog, Smoke, Steam" that rides on an '80s-inspired synth horn background and laid-back bass line with haunting vocals that talk about dreams and secrets." - The Gauntlet "Juices! is packed to the brim with shimmering dance-pop (think of The Postal Service on ecstasy)" - Ottawa Xpress And also, come see The Cansecos play Lee's Palace on Friday, December 21!