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The Russian Futurists return from Europe, Cadence Weapon returns from Ontario
I say, what a summer! The Russian Futurists survived break-ins, bomb threats, terrorist plots and health sabatogery to deliver arse-wolloping pop jams to the United Kingdom for the last few weeks.  Major thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Ruskies, Memphis Industries for all the love, Peter, Bjorn & John for sharing the stage with the boys throughout England and Scotland, and let's just give one big shout out to all of Mutha-F****in' Ireland in the house!  Now here's the deal.

The new Russian Futurists album "ME, MYSELF & RYE" is in stores in the United Kingdom and all of Europe and all of the Middle East and all, we repeat - ALL, of Africa AUGUST 28.  IN STORES AUGUST 28.  But if you live in those places you can get the album NOW NOW NOW on iTunes WITH an exclusive LO-FI-FNK remix of "Paul Simon".  Okay?  August 28.  And the 7" of "Paul Simon/Plight Of The Flightless Bird" is available now in our UC store and in cool stores across UK and Europe. In the meantime you can read about the album all over the place - check the Sep issues of Uncut and Clash, check the NME out and Q, listen to the BBC andX-FM, watch MTV2, read online stuff like Tiny Voices, Drowned In Sound, TuneTribe, Pitchfork,Gigwise, that shit is all the over the place right now!

Cadence Weapon's "Black Hand" video is on Muchmusic and MuchVibe. Have you been watching?  #3 VIDEO ON RAP CITY!! Cadence Weapon rocked Hillside like this:  and the Weapon keeps on rolling: AUG 25 - Calgary, AB @ Slam City Jam SEP 9 - Edmonton, AB @ Ookfest SEP 10 - Vancouver, BC @ UBC w/DE LA SOUL many more September and October dates being announced very soon! In the meantime, keep your eye on the Polaris Music Prize, and peep the Sharks Remixes currently burning up college radio stations in the USA and Canada - this disc is available for purchase exclusively in the UC store!!

Upper Class is cooking up some nights for Pop Montreal, CMJ and Halifax Pop Explosion, The Cansecos album "JUICES!" is still rocking "coming soon" status, and we have lots of news coming soon along with that...stay tuned!

Chinese Democracy and Unofficial Videos

Thank you everyone who voted for The Russian Futurists on Steve Lamacq's BBC6 show!  "Paul Simon" totally destroyed the other 2 songs.  Hollaaaaaaaa!

Okay, seriously, just when we are about to unvail our first official Cadence Weapon video for "Black Hand", some genius "Redsatyr" on YouTube drops this masterpiece on us of "30 Seconds".......


And while we're on the YouTube (best thing ever) topic here is a shot of Islands, Cadence Weapon and Busdriver doing "Where There's A Will There's A Whalebone" live at The Opera House last month in Toronto!

Furthermore, there are some new Cadence Weapon and Russian Futurists Canadian dates in the events section, we've got a big fat update coming to you soon regarding the release of The Russian Futurists "Me, Myself & Rye" in UK/Europe August 7 and some deadly live dates over there, lots more Cadence Weapon news and all that! We are happy to report that progress on The Cansecos sophomore album "Chinese Democracy" is steady and positive.  Bill "Axel" Halliday and Gareth "Slash" Jones reportedly have over 6,000 hours of material recorded for the record. Due on Upper Class Recordings sometime this or next year, the reported length of "Chinese Democracy" or "Juices!" as it's code name has been (to keep it under wraps) ((code name has since been changed to "Jussi" to shout out to the Edmonton Oilers)), is to be between 1 and 72 discs long.  Paul "Duff" Prince, the band's infamous bass player recently commented on the rumour that Halliday and Jones were spending the next 5 months an ocean apart (Halliday in Dublin, Jones in Toronto) to let the in-studio intensity simmer down, "Man, we're cool, we're all talking, who's Dublin?  You better come out to my fucking prog night at The Embassy in Kensington Market, that's all I know"

Me, Myself and Rye
Busy times, shiiiit! Cadence Weapon is somewhere between Seattle and Salt Lake City, The Russian Futurists are deep in the underground recording lair and The Cansecos are reppin' Dublin for 5 months starting next week!

Mega thanks for coming to the mega-partay at The Horseshoe Friday night - The Russian Futurists, Mantler and Born Ruffians gave you mad jams!!!!!

ME, MYSELF & RYE...An Introduction To The Russian Futuristscomes out via Memphis Industries/V2 Cooperative Music on AUGUST 7 in UK/Europe/Middle East/Africa!!!!!!  Paul Simon single (special 7") out JULY 17!!!!!

Emusic, Juices! Breaking Kayfabe! Shows!
We hope you're enjoying the new website.  It is pretty much fully functional now!

Do you like buying MP3s?  We are pleased to announce that the wonderful blokes at now sell all Upper Class Music as mp3s!  Go here to buy them al

Do you like Ringtones?  Well for the month of March you can download free Russian FuturistsCansecos and Cadence Weapon ringtones from Xingtones.

Big times for The Russian Futurists... We are thrilled to announce that our good pals at Memphis Industries (The Go! Team, Dungen) and V2 Records' Cooperative Music division have signed The Russian Futurists in the UK/Europe/Africa!  UC, Memphis and the band have worked hard and made one smoking hot album, all digitally re-mastered, called "Me, Myself & Rye...An Introduction To The Russian Futurists" that will have the hottest tracks from each of the first 3 Russian Futurists albums - The Method Of Modern Love, Let's Get Ready To Crumble and Our Thickness.

"Me, Myself & Rye" will be available on LP and CD in UK, Europe, Israel, Turkey and Africa on June 12.
The first single "Paul Simon" will be in stores May 25...and obviously expect a lot of European touring from the band this summer...and of course expect to see the wonderous video for "Paul Simon" all over MTV over there! In the meantime our pop hero Matthew Hart is locked away working on music.  He just finished a hot hot remix of Stars' "The First Five Times" and a ridiculously fly remix of Cadence Weapon's "Sharks"...and that's that - word is he's several songs into his fourth full-length album and doing some stuff with Sweden's LO-FI-FNK.  He will come out of hiding for one show next month though --
Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - TORONTO  The Mod Club Theatre (722 College St.)  Tickets are $18.50 in advance and are available at Ticketmaster , Play de Record, Rotate This, Soundscapes & Shanti Baba.  Licensed Event, Doors @ 8:00pm

Cadence Weapon's "Breaking Kayfabe" continues to make its great first impressions on folks.
Cadence Weapon is about to embark on a bit of a tour...He'll hit Canadian Music Week, some Ontario dates, a few shows with Hot Chip, and then SXSW...

Cadence Weapon Live in March:
Mar 2 - Kingston, ON @ Elixir w/From Fiction
Mar 3 - Toronto, ON @ Silver Dollar w/K'Naan (Canadian Music Week Showcase)
Mar 4 - Toronto, ON @ Royal York w/Raekwon, Killah Priest (Flow 93.5 Urban Showcase/CMW)
Mar 6 - Hamilton, ON @ Underground w/Small Sins (formerly The Ladies & Gentlemen)
Mar 9 - Guelph, ON @ E-Bar w/We're Marching On
Mar 10 - Toronto, ON @ Supermarket - REMG sMASH'D DJ Series (Both Rollie & DJ Weez-ill DJing)
Mar 11 - Brantford, ON @ The Ford Plant w/We're Marching On
Mar 14 - Montreal, QC @ Club Lambi w/Hot Chip
Mar 15 - Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace w/Hot Chip
Mar 16 - Austin, TX @ Brush Square Park w/Shout Out Out Out Out @ 6:30pm
Mar 17 - Austin, TX @ Vice BBQ w/Annie, Presets and more!
Mar 18 - Austin, TX @ Caribbean Lights w/Classified, Sway @ 8:30pm

Cadence Weapon will also be shooting the video for "Black Hand" with Montreal's super hot director team Fluorescent Hill (Heavy Blinkers, Badly Drawn Boy) in March!  This video is going to be ridiculous.
Also you may have seen Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon a few places lately!  He's the cover story of February's EXCLAIM , and he's all over The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Vice, Now, Eye, Vue, See, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Hour, Ottawa Xpress, FFWD Calgary, Beatroute, Discorder, Vancouver Province, Coke Machine Glow, Stylus, Brainwashed, I Heart Music, Pop Matters, Mote MGZN, On the cover of Chart!?, Prefix Mag, Spill Mag, and so on...he's getting some love I guess is the take home message

And Bounce-FM (Edmonton's mainstream hip hop & R&B station) is playing "Oliver Square"!
You can also hear tracks from Breaking Kayfabe all over London's X-FM on both John Kennedy and Jon Hillcock's shows!

It is finally done.  The Cansecos walked out of Abbey Road Studios on February 8th or so with a completely finished album.  That album is called "Juices!" and we'll be getting this psychedelic electro pop voyage of a god damn music masterpiece out to the world this spring/summer.  If you check in on their Myspace site, The band have been posting tracks from the album.  Certain members of the Cansecos are in Hawaii taking a minute to catch their breaths (no joke, the assholes...), but will be back soon and we'll have all kinds of live and album information for you!

And as far as the rest of the UC fam goes... Food For Animals just played the Fat Cat Open Circuit in Belgium and are recording big jams, and Al-P from girlsareshort continues to be MSTRKRFT with Jesse from Death From Above.

That's it for now...keep er real

Sad Collective of Incapable Website Builders Association
Welcome to the Upper Class Recordings website.  This used to be the website for the Upper Class Sad Collective of the Incapable Website Builders Association, but we made some friends - the amazing people at PromoFACT and the sharp minds at Digitech came together for us and granted this orphan record label a real mother of a website!
Speaking of mothers, those Mother F%$%ers called The Cansecos are finally coming out of Abbey Road Studios in London, UK on February 1st with a fully completely entirely 100% done mother of a psychedelic electro-funk-pop voyage f*ing album, and it's called Juices!  1st single "Raised By Wolves" coming March and now previewing at
Cadence Weapon.  Bweh, what can we say?  Dude is on fire.  Did you see him on Muchmusic's 'The New Music', read about him in The Globe, The Star, Now, Eye, Vue, See, Chart, Mote, Brainwashed, Fluxblog, Stylus, Coke Machine Glow, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Exclaim...are you listening to him on College Radio or CBC in Canada?  Did you see him open for ?uestlove?, Lady Sovereign? Masta Ace?  Or did you see him at POPmontreal or Wavelength? Or at a Them Finest party in Toronto? Will you be going to see his scorching show at SXSW?  He's just getting started.  As soon as Edmonton comes out of the deep freeze of winter you'll be sure to see Cadence in your town.  Until then - just know he's, as always, working on some deadly remixes, a couple other records, and practicing his lasso routine for Texas in March.
You'll notice our good pal Al-P from girlsareshort is about to rip your arses open with his new partner Jesse Keeler.  Together they are MSTRKRFT and you can hear their new single and some of their remixes at Myspace - but don't think you can properly enjoy MSTRKRFT without first experiencing the great joy of girlsareshort "Earlynorthamerican" available on CD in our store or by download at GalleryAC
We're sitting on the big big UC news.  It's BIG news coming for The Russian Futurists.  Good times.  That's all we're sayin' for now.  Good times. Stay tuned.  Keep er real.

Cadence Weapon - Breaking Kayfabe - in Stores NOW
2005 is nearly done, 2006 will be our biggest year ever, i promise, and here's some stuff to bring you all up to date on what's new over here... 

Firstly, I gotta say, big ups to Nike - if you go to you can work out to The Cansecos , The Russian Futurists , Cut Copy and more hot jams, really, no joke. 

Here's some news on Upper Class bands to end off a great UC year:
Cadence Weapon's debut album "Breaking Kayfabe" is now in stores in Canada.  It is receiving mad love in the press. 

Cadence Weapon just played Toronto and Montreal with Lady Sovereign and Ghislain Poirier and did a special 1am Wavelength set after in Toronto, essentially blowing the roof off the place.

Check Vice Records out to hear Cadence Weapon's Disco D and Do They Know It's Halloween remixes.
Also Vice-releated - If you can get your hands on the January issue of Vice with the sampler attached to it - congrats! you have just got yourself a copy of the single "Sharks" from Breaking Kayfabe!
Cadence's hometown CD Release Show is Dec 17 @ Velvet Underground in Edmonton.

The Russian Futurists are back from 5 weeks in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Finland!  We promise great things for the Futurists in Europe in the new year!  Many Many thanks to DanRyan and Pete aka Caribou aka the hot shit, for all the love this year.

The Russian Futurists "Paul Simon" video is on Muchmusic (watch it here and nominated for the Chart Magazine Reader's Poll thing for best video of the year!  If you can get your hands on the January issue of Vice with the sampler attached to it - congrats! you have just got yourself a copy of the "Paul Simon" video.
The Ruskies play Wavelength in Toronto for the first time in about 4 years, Sunday December 18 at Midnight.

Girlsareshort's timeless yet under-purchased album "Early North American" is now available for download at !  Just buy one track suggestion is"Mississauga Theme" and i'll even give you some bonus knowledge - Russian Futurists front man Matthew Hart does guest vocals on the track!

The Cansecos new album "Juices!" is set for March 2006  release.
You can have a sneak listen of a few new jams at their Myspace thing.
It's serious fire folks, serious fire.

Food For Animals are releasing a split 12" on Fat Cat with Lightning Bolt .  HOT.
Finally, I am happy to say we are in the midst of major website renovations.
We're going to enter 2006 with style. Stay Tuned.

Paul Simon + The Russian Futurists + Muchmusic
The Russian Futurists' video for "Paul Simon" is out-spinning the Backstreet Boys on Canada's Muchmusic! The Ruskies are in Sweden, Norway and Finland right now. They return to Toronto mid-november. Look for a Wavelength show in December followed by a Canadian Tour. And then - big news in the new year. The Ruskies also just did a remix for Stars!

Cadence Weapon "Breaking Kayfabe", the debut album by the untouchable Edmonton producer/rapper is coming for real. December 6 will be the day you can go out and buy the Cadence Weapon album. There will be shows, people will be writing about Cadence, the whole deal, soon. Until then you should peep the Cadence Weapon remix of Do They Know It's Halloween. I'm not sure where you might find it - Vice promised us it would be on their single then they totalled pulled a kife move and didn't put it on. Yet, everywhere you will search on the internet - it's Cadence's remix that people are playing, so i'm sure you'll find it!In fact, here.

The Cansecos have finished their new album Juices! It's coming out in the new year but we'll get you some shit before then...somehow.

Team Upper Class flew across the pond to London last month to take in some Caribou/Russian Futurist shows, make some friends, meet some people, shake some hands, get drunk and have our pockets picked in a new place. It was a ridiculously good time. Shout outs to all our new friends - David C, Dean T, Ollie J, Matt J, Paul E, Mark W, Katie D, Mel B, Garreth R, Jane M, Au Revoir Simone, Stephen B, Paddy F, Lee C, Ewan, Nathan B, Jonnie D, Tony M, and all you others that i've left out. And big ups to all you familiars that took care of us while we were there - Dan S, Ryan S, Pete M, Natasha K, Matt H, Scott F, and everyone else. YES! Thanks too, to Anders and Kalle in Sweden who are helping us out monstrously. Thanks to Nike, who, once again will use some songs of ours on some shit and give us shoes. Thanks to James @ Heavy for making that happen!

The Russian Futurists tour with Caribou, POP MTL 05
The Russian Futurists and Caribou are heading out on tour together yet again! The 2 ex-roommates Matthew Hart and Dan Snaith will this time cross England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in a 17-show, 3 week tour. We'll post those dates soon.

Meanwhile, the great reviews on Hart's third album OUR THICKNESS keep rolling in...Spin, XLR8R, Pitchfork, Plan B, Whisperin' & Hollerin', BPM, CMJ, Dusted, BBC, CBC,, so many supporters!

Thanks to you all!!! The Futurists will also headline the Toronto Film Festival Opening Night Party at The Drake September 9 at 1:30am!

Food For Animals and Cadence Weapon will be pounding out some shows together in Ontario in a few weeks! Again, we'll post the dates soon but expect shows in London, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and more! POPmontreal has been kind enough to find spots for 4 of our bands this year!

The Cansecos play on the 28th, The Russian Futurists play on the 29th and Food For Animals and Cadence Weapon share a bill on the 30th!

The Cansecos and Cadence Weapon albums continue under tight preperation to ensure maximum freshness. Look for Cadence Weapon's BREAKING KAYFABE this fall and the new Cansecos album shortly after!

Kraut Funk Indie Pop
The summer rolls on. The Russian Futurists have been heavily praised by SPIN, XLR8R, Pitchfork, Whisperin' & Hollerin', Plan B, CMJ, CBC, BBC and all kinds of other nice folks. We're working on some more Russian Futurists live dates for y'all - the people that are in charge of this stuff (our alter egos) are telling us Canada, UK, Sweden, Spain and beyond this fall!

Cadence Weapon's debut LP Breaking Kayfabe is coming in October. You won't even know what hit you when you hear this. We're working hard in the lab on how to break wide open in the crazy worl of radio stations and media moguls to get this music to you. Seriously though, you're going to lose your mind.

The Cansecos album is basically done and being mixed and mastered. It's a mix and it's masterful. Ever heard of Kraut Funk Indie Pop? You're going to. Ohhhhhh, you're going to!!!!!!

Food For Animals will be hitting the road once again. IN CANADA! We're stringing together a little '401' tour as we call it - Detroit to Montreal. We'll let you know as soon as it's all set.

girlsareshort's Al-P continues to take over the world. He and Death From Above's Jesse K. have opened a production studio here in Toronto. These guys aren't half-assed - they bought the mixing console that was used on Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours'. Jesus Christ!!! is their home. Things are busy. We're going to deliver more incredible jams to you. For god's sake though, in the mean time - if you haven't bought all our shit, why not get on it? Give it all a shot. Thanks!

The Russian Futurists - Our Thickness in stores now!
The Russian Futurists new album "Our Thickness" is now in stores. is offering for us to offer you 15% off the purchase of the new Russian Futurists album until May 17.  Just click on THIS link and enter this coupon code when you go there: thickness15
The Russian Futurists are on the road with Caribou and The Junior Boys.  If you live in a relatively large town in Canada or the United States there's a good chance they're coming to your area, and if not, I'm sure they're not too far a drive from you!
Thank you to everyone who came out April 23 for The Russian Futurists CD Release get-down!!!!  Good f*&^ing times.
Cadence Weapon aka Rollie Pemberton is putting the finishing touches on his debut album "Breaking Kayfabe". It will come this summer and you will lose your mind!!!!!!
The Cansecos are well into the recording of their second album.  They played about half of the new album live at the El Mocambo on the 23rd.  This record will be out late in the summer.  Check them out live June 12 at Wavelength in Toronto (Sneaky Dee's)