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The always-grinding Writer, Producer and Performer Roland Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon is back once again, and he continues to firmly establish his legacy as a pioneer in a passionate crusade to push the rap and electronic music envelope.

TRON Legacy: The Mixtape is a brand new 18-track collection of Cadence Weapon rapping over some his favourite beats of late.

Pemberton recently described TRON Legacy: The Mixtape in an exclusive interview with Exclaim.ca “I wanted to do something similar to The Drought series by Lil’ Wayne, just rapping over beats that I really like…It’s a back to basics kind of thing. I’m rapping over Gucci Mane beats and I rapped over an Arcade Fire song…My idea was to do a parody of your typical rap mixtape…I’ve been noticing with a lot

of mixtapes is that rappers are talking about movies they had nothing to do with. T.I. has this mixtape where he’s Photoshopped himself into the cover of Inception and there are all these skits, but really he had nothing to do with the movie.”

True to form, the first track opens the mixtape with Cadence talking about his involvement with the movie, all the work that went into the soundtrack, hanging out with Daft Punk and working with Jeff Bridges. The 18 tracks, brought together in a 40-minute collection includes Cadence Weapon dropping rhymes over beats by Gucci Mane, The Arcade Fire, Big Boi, Sleigh Bells, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Raekwon, E-40 and features guest vocals by Buck 65, Shad, Subtitle, Birdapres, Kazmega, among others.

Available now exclusively at www.cadenceweaponmusic.com for whatever price you deem worthy.

Cadence Weapon TRON LEGACY: The Mixtape
01 Tron
02 Holla I’m Good
03 F*** That Hipster S***
04 Always Strapped (ft. Buck 65)
05 I Eat My Rider
06 Cadence Weapon Speaks
07 The Suburbs
08 The Weedman (ft. Giovanni Marks)
09 On With A +1 (ft. Derek_from_Northcliffe)
10 G20 Swag
11 A Note On The ECCA
12 Two Pistols (ft.Birdapres)
13 Colours
14 Lemonade (ft. The Joe, Mitchmatic and Mikey Maybe)
15 Twitter
16 10 Bricks (ft. Kazmega)
17 Baby I’m Yours (ft. Shad)
18 Flower Girl

Thursday, November 25, 2010